How to Manage and Build your Cash Reserves?


Most of the financial experts would advice to preserve at least three-month business earnings as cash reserves. The reason behind this fact is, it will help to safeguard you when you are in extreme need of cash for recovery or to crop the unexpected expenses which is essential when you are managing a business. You need to have some cash reserves to protect your business during the times of fluctuation or loss.

To be more precise, it is not a must to save three-month expense, if possible you can save more than that. You can plan to save about six to seven months income as cash reserves. If you have not executed this process by now, make sure you start to do this as early as possible. Though it may sound quite difficult to preserve in the start amidst of economy and uncertainty, but in the future it helps to protect your business. Here giving some valuable suggestions to manage your cash reserves.

While starting your own business, ensure to keep aside about 10 to 15% of your cash as reserve fund. If you do not know to set the exact amount, just add all the operating expenses and multiply the value to the number of months you want to preserve. You can follow this for your business expenses as well as for personal expenses.

· If you are finding this tough, you can start to save about $100 a week. Slowly, you will find that you have saved a lump sum amount within a year.
· When drawing amount from the business, ensure to set aside some money for taxes. If you fail to do so, you will find it difficult to pay the taxes on a whole from your pocket.
· Start to save money immediately. Do not postpone or neglect things just because it sounds complex. When you make it as a habit, you will start to feel it easy and it becomes a part of your life.

It is essential for small or large business to have cash reserves. If they fail so, it would totally affect the entire process. For example, if a construction business slows down the work process, it will gradually hurt the consumers where they would fail to purchase or take back their payments that in turn affect the business financial system. The workers and employees will not be paid, and they would resume the work for several days or months until the management clears the pay. Most of the financial troubles are caused this way, and it will totally affect the partners and the management. It is essential to protect your company in advance instead of wasting time to keep up its reputation. Firstly, you should know what the situation is. If you are facing such a devastating situation, then start to learn from the failure.

Make sure to bring the business back in motion by investing some amount and allotting some funds as reserves every day or every week. When you keep repeating the cycle, you can slowly bring your business to a better position.

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